Saturday, 5 October 2013

Halfway across Europe for a coffee and cake

Two days ago I made a cake for a friends daughters birthday and finding myself with some left over batter made up a couple of mini cakes, one of which I took down to the neighbors in exchange for a cup of coffee and a yarn.

Whilst I was there some friends of theirs popped in and it was made known to me that the man in this party, who was half Scottish half Dutch- a potent cocktail that matched my own genetic recipe, was a bit of a cake monster himself.

"Oh yes", I was in formed by his wife, "Its the Dutch in him, the Dutch are all cake crazy! obsessed! They'll travel halfway across Europe for a piece of cake and a coffee- not even a meal, just the coffee and cake! Its all they talk about, cake, cake, cake, cake ,CAKE!"

As she threw her hands up in the air, half in amusement, half in dismissal, somewhere deep inside me there was a resounding "ohhhhhhhhh!"

It all makes sense now........

I'm off to the kitchen to make another two cakes now :)

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