Monday, 14 October 2013

Sometimes Ill be walking through a green grocer and Ill look at something and start salivating. As I did this weekend. Yesterday it was the silverbeet that jumped out.

Actually silverbeet is a childhood favorite of mine. Heated just enough to wilt it, then let a nob of butter melt over and coat those delicious dark leaves in silky goodness. I have no desire to eat silverbeet any other way. 
As I was approaching the checkout I remembered reading THIS the day before and ran back for a zucchini too. Though I skipped the cheese and bread, I thought the zucchini looked good enough to shine just on its own.

Just to complete the meal, Princess Squirmy went down for a significant nap so I was able to have a sit down lunch AND eat it hot(!) whilst enjoying the sun (and what a beautiful warm sunny day it was too) warm my bones and tickle my skin.

Simple pleasures I tell you, are just bliss.

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