Sunday, 29 September 2013

This week at the private dining room.......

Pink Bottle Brush

This week has been an inside week. It has been dreary and damp with occasional pockets of sunshine to tempt you with the prospect of emerging from the house cave. The garden however has exploded with colour and every time the sun pokes its head out I run outside to gather the latest bloom explosion to decorate the cave with.

I am not a bottle brush person normally, but these fluffy pink lovelies have captured my heart.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

For the love of pots!

A few months ago I heard a rumor about bringing out a new magazine. Naturally I was interested to see what they would come up with especially when I heard about some of the collaborators. Much to my delight the magazine is lovely! Even better was the fact that if you could cook the cover you stood a chance of winning some gear for your kitchen.  

These little babies are not something that would usually come out of my kitchen, but when I spotted these babies being offered as a prize I was immediately fumbling around desperately for a pen to scribble down a shopping list. My current pots require me to keep a screwdriver in my cutlery draw for regular tightening, not to mention they have become pitted inside (not the most hygienic) so new pots are pretty high on my wishlist right now.

Don't know if I'm in with a chance but, here's hoping........

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Keeping me up

It is nearing midnight and I should be well asleep.
Instead I am pottering away on the computer, occasionally glancing over my shoulder to take inspiration from my old wooden dining room table. This shift has long been on my mind but tonight around 11pm I simply decided it was time. I started my old blog not entirely knowing where I was going with it, I just sort of started. Over time direction formed and the more it formed the more I realized that 'body, soul and syrup' just didn't embody that direction. So here I am, midnight looming over me and a mind full of inspired words and pictures......why is it that my creativity seems to go into overdrive so late at night?

So raise your glass, (or in my case- your half drunk mug of earl grey) because here we go.......again