Thursday, 24 October 2013

Raw Hazelnut and chocolate cake

Red Velvet, Red Velvet, Red Velvet! I really like Red Velvet cake! And recently there has been a lot of it walking through my kitchen. Actually if I was to be honest, almost too much. In fact, I have been giving it away. But this you already know from previous posts. So I had some friends for lunch this week and having had enough of cakes, (at least for a week or so- this is not a permanent state- I promise!) I was craving something a little different. 

This is what I discovered. 
Raw cake. 

I can't say I discovered as much as say- it's everywhere and I just decided to make it. Because it is everywhere. It's like, soo hot right now (yes, I did intent to sound like a 14 year old girl) But it IS so hot right now. All the cafes are serving it. Out with gluten free and in with raw food! 

Honestly, fads make me a little suspect. It feels like in the last 5 years Australia has become gluten crazy. I guess the whole carb thing wore off. Anyway, rightly or wrongly I have become a little stand off-ish when it comes to such things. Raw food however, or at the least raw sweets, have definitely clicked with me. I ate a raw orange macaroon thingy the other day and it was divine (Note to self; must find a recipe for that.)

Apart from the fact that these treats are pretty expensive to buy OR cook, I can see myself becoming a pretty big fan. yummo!

Raw chocolate and hazelnut cake;

The recipe I used is.....HERE, although I did swap the cacoa powder for just Cocoa Powder and not quite as much either (2 tablespoons) and I think I just ended up using normal sugar too. 

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