A little bit about myself......

Who I am?

My Name Is Shemma.
I live in a beautiful little city called Perth (Western Australia).
I am very caught up in the simple things in life. I would never call myself a foodie, but I do love food. I love cooking it, I love eating it, I love food photography and I love the many cultures that surround it. I am also a mother to one delightful little girl. I was a Painter and decorator (not a chef or professional cook by any standards) but I am now exploring life as a homemaker. I find that where I used to go out, I now stay in and more and more of my life is being centered around my dining room table.

Why am I writing this blog?

I guess you could call it a little creative outlet, but there is this element of culture that I keep coming back to. Of course it is about my love of photography and good food (or more an exploration of that- I am far from a professional on either front) but having a healthy culture or attitude towards food is something I find myself increasingly curious about. More than anything, I also want t have fun with it.
I want to enjoy food, discover it, be surprised by it; I want to learn more than anything. I want to learn how my body responds to food, what makes it shine and what makes it wilt. What flavors compliment, fizz, soften or make each other pop. I want to learn about colours, light and styling. I want to learn about cultures, those of nations, families and individuals, how and why they eat the way they do.
I know this is a lot and I doubt I will be able to explore all of this via this blog, but anything is more than nothing and its always more about enjoying the journey than trying to do an assignment.

I hope you enjoy all these little snippets, photos and recipes from my dining room table

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