Tuesday, 19 November 2013

I have this problem where I make twelve or so cups of tea a day but only actually get to drink one or two. Actually I should say I start making twelve or so cups, but most end up sitting in a sorry state on the kitchen bench until I ditch them and start again. It's one of the small things I never saw coming in regards to motherhood. 

I confess somewhere in my head I wondered if I would have time to learn to paint, or finally learn to play that guitar in the corner of my lounge room. I wouldn't say I went so far as to expect that I would be able to do such things, but I certainly entertained the thought that it might be possible. As per usual, I was wrong.

I read on something the other day about a family with fourteen children.....FOURTEEN!! I cant even find time for a cup of tea with one! 


The thought of attending a painting class has become a distant memory. For now I will just try and remember that there is a half made cup of tea on my bench and if I can finish making it I am doing well. And if I can manage to drink it while it is still warm, then we are having a great day!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

We have been blessed enough to live in some really lovely locations since we have been married.  Despite not always having the pay check to match, somehow we managed to to land ourselves near the city and near some lovely cafe strips. Although we haven't been able to make full use of the restaurants we do wander down regularly for a cup of coffee. 

Granted the last house we lived in for a long period of time was a bit of a hole. It had shag pile carpet that I think was once meant to be cream, (who puts down cream carpet in a rental house anyway huh?) late 70's decor in the kitchen and bathroom, and just for fun, if it was raining and you were on the loo, there was a crack in the ceiling that would drip on your head.

However it was a lot of fun and we made it work. 

At the peak of each summer we would drag our mattress down stairs where it was cooler. For a month of the year we'd sleep in the lounge, drink loads of chilled cheap white wine and watch piles of DVDs. There was a stage for a while there where we acquired a second hand record player, I completed the look with a lava lamp and a bean bag and we would lay back on a Saturday night and listen to Dire Straits or Pink Floyd. Making the most of those shag pile carpets :)

Last week, in the midst of organizing for a fundraiser (sorry I should add as I was packing the car up the day before the big event) I got a call from our rental agent informing us that the owner wanted to move back in. I have to say while I understand this is the life of a renter, still, my heart sank.
I have so enjoyed living in this light airy house with its beautiful wild-flower-filled garden and it's closeness to everything important. 
And there that element of this is where I had my baby girl and brought her home to her first bedroom.
Where she took her first steps.
And perhaps even one of the first places that has actually felt like a home.
Such is the life of a renter

So my dining table will be moving. I hope that we will enjoy the next place just half as much :)