Friday, 21 February 2014

Everything is Gold (Yogurt and date smoothies and link to raw choc raspberry tart)

>Spiced stone fruit on yogurt with fresh raspberries and toasted pistachios
>Chocolate raspberry tart with (an attempt at) dairy free chocolate
>Princess Squirmy 'gardening', aka moving dirt from one pot to another and back again (can keep her quite busy for some time with this)
>Kale smoothie

Everything is gold.

I feel like, somehow, I have been transported to the outback with its hot dusty winds and its vast golden paddocks. Except that I’m not in the outback, I’m in suburbia- Inner city suburbia I might add, and that beautiful wheat gold is actually a collaboration of streets and streets of dead lawns. Summer is here and in full force!

The last few nights we have moved all our bedding downstairs onto the tiled lounge room floor (the only room with air-conditioning) The port-a-cot is now a fixture in the entry way, and all our bedding has been rolled up next to the couch with a throw rug tossed over for effect.  Each night we roll our doona-swag, and toss a coin to see who gets the couch and who settles for the floor.
I believe my point is this: I am really just making more excuses as to why I haven’t been cooking. It’s too hot!

That said, it’s not too hot to BBQ! And boy do we love a webber meal in this house! It’s also not too hot for yogurt with spiced-cinnamon-stone-fruit. Nor is it too hot for green smoothies, date and yogurt smoothies, (well actually any sort of smoothie really) watermelon icy-poles, homemade muesli’s, spoonful’s of hummus or green-olive-chimichurri on everything, and it is never, NEVER, too hot for raw cake!
It’s my personal opinion that raw cake could and should take over this town. It is just perfect for Perth. It’s healthier, super tasty and it’s at its best served straight out of the freezer! And because of that great freezer element, you can chop it up and store pieces in your freezer taking out only as you need. No wasted stale cake! At this point I’m wondering if I should be selling the stuff. I’m not trying to do that here. Honestly. I’m just in-love with the stuff.
If you haven’t had it before and are a little cautious, think of it as more of a no-bake slice. Technically, it’s nothing new- perhaps just the name? I know my Grandmother has been making versions of it for years. However I think with improved home kitchen appliances, the recipes too have improved.
I have linked a raw-cake recipe below, but if you have any great recipes you would like to share with me, please don’t hesitate too! I've also shared the date and yogurt shake I have been having a lot of recently. It’s been a wonderful power-pop for when I can’t get to a proper breakfast/lunch, which is, at this stage of the motherhood game, still far too often.

Chocolate and raspberry tart. (Thank you to Kellie for introducing this one to me)

Date and Yoghurt Smoothie
1 cup of Greek/plain yoghurt
1 cup of milk
4 ice cubes
12 pitted dates
1 tablespoon of ground almonds

Throw it all in a Thermomix or good quality smoothie blender until smooth.