Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A Little More Time at Home

This month has been a little cooler and a little slower.

A big part of the ‘slower’ has been me trying to refocus my time. Less trying to ‘make more’ time for things as if I can possibly conjure up more hours in the day from deep within the earth and more ‘taking time out for things’, only a slight difference but a world of difference in my head.
Most certainly a more realistic approach.
So I am spending more time in the garden, which relaxes me somehow, having more coffees at home instead of braving cafes with an overly energetic toddler. Then there’s taking slow walks with the wee one around the block, (usually stealing flowers from the neighbors) instead of packing lunches and taking car trips to parks. I’m even allocating more time during the day to the basics like housework instead of trying cram it all in just before bed.
Mostly it’s just going out less and staying in more.
Oh, and then there is breakfast.
Yes, breakfast.
And by that I mean actually eating breakfast rather than just thinking about it.
While it is my favorite meal of the day it is also my most abandoned meal. But that’s motherhood right?

In an attempt to correct that though, I have joined in with those doing the Cooking Cure via the Kithcn, to push my home cooking habits back towards a healthier mark. I figure the only way to really stop my meal skipping is to get inspired again.
And so, I bring you granola.
Actually granola’s.
Whatever the plural for granola is……granoli?
Ahem, I bring you two recipes for granola (better?)
The first is a raw sprouted granola from Green Kitchen Stories- but I need to add a note that I very stupidly overlooked. If you are from a crazy hot or humid climate, you may find that your sprouts, like mine, ferment very quickly.
Take two of this recipe was done in only four hours instead of the recommended 36-48 hours.
I think these guys are based in Sweden? Need I say more?

The second granola was less a recipe and more a pantry raid/sneaky appetite trick.
I know from experience that eating something small and sweet can kick start my appetite. I’m sure there is something scientific there about stimulating saliva glands, but that aside, the thought of something small and sweet can lure me into sitting down to a meal instead of getting distracted by other duties. For breakfast, it has to be granola. This recipe is a little loose, like I said it was more of a pantry raid than an actual recipe. Half packets of nuts, chopped and thrown together with handfuls of whatever else I could find floating in the cupboard and tossed with warm maple syrup and mixed spice, roasted and voila’! Homemade granola.
Now to work on lunches………..

Maple nut granola.

I love granola but can’t eat too much, especially first thing in the morning. A tablespoon or two on top of muesli and fruit or Greek yoghurt and fruit salad is my favorite way to eat it.

Approx. 2 cups of mixed nuts (I used mostly hazelnuts, with some almonds and pistachios to mix it up)
Half a cup of coconut
A third of a cup of sesame seeds
Mixed spice to taste
Half a cup of pumpkin seeds/mixed seeds
Half a cup of oats
Two tablespoons of brown sugar
8 tablespoons of maple syrup
2 tablespoons of olive oil

Salt to taste.

Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees (Celsius)

Soak pumpkin seeds and coconut for one hour

Roughly chop nuts, mix with sesame seeds, mixed spice, oats, brown sugar and drained pumpkin seed mix.

Heat maple syrup and oil in a saucepan until combined

pour over and stir through granola mixture. Spread mixture out on baking tray and put in oven and roast till golden (stirring regularly) 

Remove and season- allow to cool before breaking up and storing.

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