Tuesday, 7 January 2014



There hasn't been much kitchen action around here the last couple of weeks, at least nothing worth writing about. 
Eggs on toast. 
A few shamefully bad curries. 
Twice a day muesli. 
Moving house, Christmas Banquet for 160, a fundraising event to oversee and just the general hoo-hah of Christmas business all round. It's been an exhausting end to the year. 
Not to mention that Summer is peaking. I glisten all day long and not because I am a vampire but because it is 30+ degrees and I can not handle the heat the way I did pre-pregnancy (one of the odd side effects of baby-creating). 
Lord knows how I will handle it when we work up past the 40's. 
On the upside, the webber has come out in full force! 
Before we left the last house we celebrated with a couple of pear ciders,  a packet of mixed vegetable chips and Chimichirri on steak cooked to perfection the way the webber always does. It was a wonderful way to farewell that house and the season we had there. 

As far as the new place goes, life has moved forward as if nothing really has changed. Princess Squirmy has adapted to her new environment with much ease- mostly I think she just loves the new staircase- and now that we are meeting the end of the unpacking, the place is already starting to feel like a home. It's smaller, but better designed, there is not much garden, no grass, but some terrific parks close by and an enclosed courtyard that P.S. Can run around in relatively unsupervised which is a new and wonderful experience for me. 

I dare say I am ready for 2014 now. Finally. 

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