Tuesday, 19 November 2013

I have this problem where I make twelve or so cups of tea a day but only actually get to drink one or two. Actually I should say I start making twelve or so cups, but most end up sitting in a sorry state on the kitchen bench until I ditch them and start again. It's one of the small things I never saw coming in regards to motherhood. 

I confess somewhere in my head I wondered if I would have time to learn to paint, or finally learn to play that guitar in the corner of my lounge room. I wouldn't say I went so far as to expect that I would be able to do such things, but I certainly entertained the thought that it might be possible. As per usual, I was wrong.

I read on something the other day about a family with fourteen children.....FOURTEEN!! I cant even find time for a cup of tea with one! 


The thought of attending a painting class has become a distant memory. For now I will just try and remember that there is a half made cup of tea on my bench and if I can finish making it I am doing well. And if I can manage to drink it while it is still warm, then we are having a great day!

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